DateStamper Screenshots

Add a date stamp to your photos.

Select multiple photos in the app, take a new photo, or use the Photos app plug-in to stamp your pictures.

Add the location where each photo was taken and a custom caption if you'd like.

Pick your style.

With many fonts, colors, and various style options to choose from, you can get just the look you want.

Customize your date format, adjust position and padding, and more.

Completely nondestructive.

If at any time you would like to change or remove the date stamp applied to your photo, you can!

No duplicating necessary.

Because edits are revertible, there's no need to duplicate all your photos to preserve the original. DateStamper simply applies text overtop your original images.

Update everywhere.

With iCloud Photos, when you apply a date stamp on one device, it will appear on all your other devices automatically.

More awesome features.

  • Beautiful and intuitive design
  • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple silicon Mac
  • Support for Split View and Drag and Drop
  • Ad-free experience

Download DateStamper

DateStamper is now available exclusively on the App Store